For Securities Companies

You can present investment products with us
Stock Trading
Securities firms can increase online account opening channels with us.
Derivatives Trading
You can open derivatives trading account once to buy/sell gold futures, index futures, stock futures and FX .
Mutual Funds
You can buy/sell mutual funds from any asset management firms by opening an account at any asset management firms or sales agent companies.
Securities Borrowing and Lending
Many investors are looking for additional return from stocks in their portfolio by lending to someone else, and those want to sell non-owning securities with the falling price by borrowing to sell
Foreign Investment
Some securities firms provide stocks buying/selling for foreign markets to investors apart from domestic investments. Join us to provide online account opening for those investors.
Private Funds
Some asset management companies provide private fund management to help you grow at your acceptable risk. Join us to promote the service now.
Our securities firms / asset management firms partners
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