For Financial Institutions

You can offer financial products with us.
Credit Card
Many financial institutions join us to offer credit cards, and customers can now compare the offerings and apply online directly.
Cash Credit Card
Cash credit card usage has largely increased because of popularity and lower monthly repayment amount compared to credit cards.
Personal Loan
Many people are looking for personal loans online. We encourage you who have no online application link to join us now.
Auto Loan
For persons making a decision to buy a car but having no auto finance adviser, or wishing to check premium rates first, you can join us to offer them a cheap premium rate now.
Housing Loan
Financial institutions join us to offer housing loans or refinance housing loans. Join us to offer products with better interest rates now.
Commercial Loan
Join us to offer commercial loan products with better interest rates for customers to increase cash flow and to increase online application channels now.
Our financial institution partners
  • OCBC
  • American Express
  • ANZ
  • Citibank
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