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Leverloan : The Center of Financial Products
A tool to help people looking for financial services compare before making the decision, and apply online right away.
For financial institutions
We collect a variety of financial products, such as credit card, cash card, personal loan, housing loan, auto finance, commercial loan, and others.
For insurance companies/brokers
We have non-life insurances, including auto insurance, personal accident insurance, property insurance, health insurance, marine insurance, travel protection insurance, and others.
For Securities companies
Securities companies can advertise their invesment products for capital market, such as stock trading, derivatives trading, and other products for capital market and others.
Standard Chartered Bank
How about pricing?
Price transparency
“Cost Per Action” is our service pricing scheme which calculates every time when an online application is submitted.
Free trial
We welcome financial institutions to try our service free for 15 days.
No charge
We will not call for a monthly subscription.
Why we provide you 15-day trial?
Because financial institutions can try comparing or checking received information if it meet their quality and target.
Is it necessary to have the long-term contract with Leverloan?
No, any financial institution wishing to be our partner does not need to have the long-term contract and any obligation. You can cancel right away if you want.
Why our services are better than those of competitors?
Our services really submit application documents to corresponding financial institutions without passing to any 3rd party.
Quantity and quality of customers applied via our website.
We continuously do online and offline marketing as well as create the network which will then help increases online applications.
We welcome you to try our service free for 15 days.